Pole Foundations (Intro)

Pole Foundations is our introductory level pole class for those new to pole dancing. We will begin by conditioning strength and technique for inversion preparation and climbing then move into beginner level movements including spins, sits, and floorwork. From there, we’ll put those spins, tricks and floorwork together to create choreography.

Recommended attire: Short shorts, sports bra, and tank top 

  • Firefighter Spin
  • Fan Kick
  • Climbing

Pole L2 (Beginner+/Intermediate)

In Pole 2, we’ll develop strength and condition to start going upside down, inverting to outside and inside leg hangs. We will develop new movements such as crucifix, teddy hold, side climbs, and Jasmine.

Prereqs: Ability to climb to the top of the pole and perform a supine floor “inversion”

  • Butterfly
  • Inversions
  • Jasmine

Pole L3 (Intermediate)

In Pole 3, we will work on conditioning strength and intermediate tricks such as Jade Split, Shoulder Mount variations and transitions, and Brass Monkey tumbles. Each class includes a static pole combo and a spin pole combo putting tricks together. 

Prereqs: Outside Leg Hang, Inside Leg Hang, Superhero, Butterfly


  • Brass Monkey
  • Shoulder Mount
  • Spin Pole

Pole L4 (Advanced)

In Pole 4, we’ll begin working on Handsprings technique and strength, tricks from Aerial Shoulder Mount and Brass Monkey as well as develop technique on spin pole! This class emphasizes combos putting moves together and focusing on unique transitions.

Prereqs: Reverse gra, Caterpillar Climb, Shoulder Mount, Brass Monkey 


  • Handsprings
  • Ayesha Variations
  • Tumbles

Pole Freestyle (All Levels)

In Pole Freestyle, we’ll develop our unique and personal movement styles through Freedance. Your instructor will be your guide as they walk you through a series of prompts and exercises that will help you develop movement that feels good in your body. 

Prereq: 3 Foundations classes 

Recommended Attire: Loose pants, long sleeve shirt over pole attire. Socks and heels optional.

Heels Choreography (Beg/Int)

This all levels Heels Choreography class incorporates slow movement around the pole, transitions to the floor and floor work. We’ll develop body waves, heel clacks, splits, and slinky leg waves. This class will help you learn control, coordination, and proper execution of dance elements. 

Heels optional and kneepads required

Prereq: At least three Pole Foundations classes

Heels Choreography (Int/Adv)

This Int/Adv Sexy Choreography class incorporates more advanced heels work such as thread throughs, weaves, skates, dynamic tricks. We’ll develop extension, musicality, fluidity and may incorporate elements such as kips, rolls, throws, dynamic spins and pirouette variations.

Heels optional, knee pads required

Prereqs: Basic invert from standing, forward and backward shoulder roll

Pole Tricks Clinic (All Levels)

In this Tricks Clinic class, we will progressively build on foundational movements to develop new tricks and transitions for at least one spin pole combo and one static pole combo. This class incorporates a mix of classic moves such as handspring, ayesha, and leg hangs and mixes them with new trendy shapes. 

Prereq: Have taken three or more L2 classes

Handstands & Inversions (All Levels)

In this all levels Handstands and Inversions class, we’ll progress through headstand, shoulder stand, forearm stand and handstand holds and variations. This class emphasizes conditioning drills, core work and quality of movement to build handstand technique.

Active Flexibility (All Levels)

In this Active Flexibility class, we will build and strengthen the muscular system in order to support a deepening range of motion through the body. Each class is organized around a focus on either splits or backbends. This class is all levels but is not a restorative yoga flow. If you are an extra sweaty student, please bring a small hand towel to use. 

***Note that this flexibility class is not appropriate for people who are recovering from spinal surgery, and is not a replacement for injuries that require physical therapy.***

Active Flexibility (L2)

In Active Flexibility 2, we’ll build strength through our deepest ranges of motion while focusing on form and function. Expect to develop balance, and proper alignment techniques, gain a basic anatomy and kinesiology knowledge and work towards skills such as flat square splits, backbends from a standing position, leg scales, and twisted postures. Whether you’re looking to advance in your pole/aerial practice, or just deepen your knowledge and skills of flexibility, this class is designed to take you to the next level. 

Prereqs: Ability to press into wheel pose (backbend), comfortable holding a split position with shoulders over hips.

Intro to Contortion (Int/Adv)

In this Intro to Contortion class, we’ll move through guided lunge, half splits, standing leg scales, backbend variations, and needle scale preparation. 

Intro to Contortion is different from Active Flexibility in that this class incorporates longer holds and Instructor pushing in flexibility poses while Active Flexibility incorporates more of a focus on strength building for holding flexibility poses. 

Students should have a working knowledge of active flexibility principles before taking this class.

Prereqs:  Flat splits, Ability to push up to a backbend

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